Minecraft 1.2.5


Along with not working with the server yet, 1.2.5 crashes at a black screen. This has been confirmed by multiple users over at mincraftforums.net

Just hold yer horses.


EDIT: You can update now. It looks like 1.2.5 works just fine with our server and the blackout issue was fixed. Happy mining!

Planned downtime April 2

The server host is going to have to take down the server for some maintenance between the hours of 7 AM and 12 PM CST on April 2. The outage should only last about 20 minutes. Unfortunately I don’t know an exact time, so just be on guard.

1.2.4 compatible

The server has been updated with the latest version of bukkit and is now ready to run in 1.2.4

Let me know of any issues that you may find.

High Def Maps!

So I finally decided to take advantage of the hidef setting in Dynmap. We can now see detail down to the block in the ISO maps!

Was it worth it? I think so…

Sad day

So I know we have been working on creating an iron golem farm, but it  now looks like spawn rates have been nerfed to points where it makes this unfeasible.  We will have to continue to mine for iron the old fashion way.

This is ok. We will get through this. Plus when bakerville is done, we’ll have a bustling town!

Updated to 1.2

Updated the server to 1.2 today. A few things to note about this update so far:

  • Animals will escape your farms. Not sure if this will be fixed or if it’s the new normal.
  • Iron golems!!!
  • A jungle has been found in the far south. If you are hunting for Ocelots, you have to approach slowly, with raw fish in hand, and wait for them to come to you
  • Zombies will try to break down your door. Take precautions.

Notice anything else, leave a comment so we can take it into account.